Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Still only one pink line

Well, this cycle was fast. I ended up getting my period on the 24th of April and did 50mg clomid days 4-8. When I went in for monitoring on CD12 (May 5th) I already had two large follicles on the right side, one at 2.0 and the other at 1.9. I triggered on CD 13 and had my IUI on CD15. I was feeling pretty good about this one, I had 2 follicles and the timing felt better (no ovulation pains 12 hours past trigger like I had the attempt before).

Today is 11 dpiui and I have been taking HPT's since 8dpIUI.... Still negative. I have searched the web and found that there is a mix of people who have faint lines on CD11 and others who have no lines but never come back to report if they are pregnant or not...I know 11 dpiui may still be early but I'm still pretty bummed. Beta tomorrow.

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