Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Family Traditions

The first week of June means that it's time to get ready for our traditional camping trip at Killbear Provincial Park. Every year we spend a week filled with swimming, hiking, rock climbing & campfires. I start to crave this trip around January of every year because its the one time of year where we let everything go; all our stress, anxiety, and daily duties to really reconnect with ourselves and each other.

I started going to Killbear when I was in my early teens. I remember on my first trip I went for a walk alone down to the beach. I sat on the rocks that were still hot from the sun that day for about an hour looking over the water at the sunset. It was so beautiful and peaceful; I think it was this moment I became addicted to Killbear. In the years that followed I made a few trips up with my friends but it wasen't until after I got married and had kids that we started making it a Tradition. The boys love going every year as much as we do.

This year we were very close to skipping the trip due to a Lacrosse tournament. I had completely come to terms wiht the fact that we would not be going until this week while looking through last years pictures. While looking at the pictures I was transported mentally to the moments they captured and realized that canceling this trip was a mistake. We will just come back early so we can still make the tournament. Why jam so many things into my vacation you may ask? Time is running out!!!! As much as I hate to admit it, we only have a few more years before the boys are grown. Cody starts high school next year! My hope is that even when they get older they will still embrace the tradition, maybe they will bring friends up with them and we can introduce new people to what killbear has to offer. All I know is that this is more then a tradition to our family, its a bonding experience with our boys... If we did cancel, I would regret that decision for a long time to come.