Thursday, May 21, 2009

A little brighter now

Time - Its what everyone needs... There is not much you can say to someone to make them feel better when they have just been hit with some sad news. If you think back to a time when you were faced with news you were not ready to face, how did you cope? My guess is it was not an immediate ability to put things in perspective and move on, if thats the case, the news was not unexpected. Somewhere last night between running the boys to 4 different lacrosse events, comming home to finish work and cooking dinner the pain subsided.

I hate to say I was blessed with Secondary infertility but in essence I was.... In the moment of what went wrong, and my wondering how I was going to cope, I had the blessing of a busy night alone with my boys and their needs are what pushed me through.

I don't second guess my desire to have another baby but I also know that I couldn't live without the ones I have.

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