Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh where oh where my womanhood gone?

Long time since I have written. This cycle has been a complete bust. I have mixed emotions... here are the facts:
March 21 - Cycle cancelled after 25 days - No ovulation
April 14 - Still no period - Went for blood work and tested negative for progesterone
Blood work showed I was very early in my cycle
Started Medroxy (progesterone tablets)
April 20 - finished perscription
april 21 - spotting
April 22 - Spotting
April 23 - less spotting

Still no period, no cramps. What the heck am I doing wrong?????? What is wrong with my body?
I have watched many women cycle past me 2X since I last tried.. I'm left wondering if I'm silly to even think having another baby is a possibility. When we came into this process I was prepared to try 3 cycles and then stop and move on with our life. Now, I don't think I can give up. I have been dreaming of my baby and the love and spirit he or she will bring into our home... I have not even met him or her and but I miss its presence in my life regardless... I will keep trying!

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